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The fact is that online rummy has many more variants to play and enjoy, and it's a bit different from traditional offline rummy. But do not worry, if you understand rummy, playing online rummy is more fun.

A player can select to join a group of 2,4 or more players. Each player will get 13 cards. You get a window of a few minutes to arrange your cards properly and decide if you need to continue the game. The toss will decide which player to begin the game. You have the option to fold the cards at the beginning of the round and lose only 20 points. There is no hard and fast rule to continue the game till the end. Dropping the cards in the middle of the game will deduct not more than 30-40 points.

Are you wondering how to win an online HTskill Game? Well, you need to complete the round before anyone does. To be a winner, a player has three chances to win by setting the cards like:1. 2 sequences + 2 sets 2. 3 sequences + 1 set 3. All the four sequences Anyone completing the round by arranging the 13 cards in any way wins the round.

Essential points to note for every player are that you cannot use a wild card or printed joker to make a pure sequence. Out of two compulsory series, one needs to be a pure sequence or lose the round.

How do you feel when you win HTskill Game rounds? Very excited and happy, right. Do not worry about your winning amount. It gets deposited in the wallet section. You are free to withdraw it anytime by placing a withdrawal request within 24 hours.